The Clubhouse opens at 8.00am.


Smart Casual dress may be worn in the Visitor's Lounge all day and for breakfast only in the Dining Room. Jacket and tie/polo neck is required for men in the Dining Room for both lunch and dinner. Smart casual attire is appropriate for ladies. (Dress codes may be relaxed by prior arrangement with the Club Manager)

On the Course and in the Clubhouse, denim jeans, collarless shirts and trainers/sneakers are not considered acceptable. Tailored shorts may be worn on the Course; however, they should be above the knee and must be worn with knee length socks that have a turnover. Shorts are not allowed in the dining room at any time. Ladies should wear appropriate smart golf clothing.

Golf shoes can be worn in the lounge area and can be fitted with either cleats or spikes.


Replacing of divots, repair of pitch marks, raking of bunkers and avoidance of slow play is expected at all times.


Blackwell intends that time spent within the confines of the clubhouse provides a temporary but welcome retreat from the normal distractions of everyday life. Whilst it is understood that mobile phones and other handheld devices may be used as diaries visitors to the club are respectfully requested to use the designated telephone cubicle in the main corridor, the car park or their vehicle for telephone calls.

Telephones are not permitted to be used on the golf course, other than in the event of an emergency involving the health and safety of any player or spectator.


Slow play decreases the enjoyment of every other player on the Course. Please do all you can to avoid it – pick up your ball when you cannot score and keep up with the group in front.


Visitors and Guests car parking is on the left and signposted as you drive in. On busy days additional overflow parking is made available on the short game practice area.

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